What is Camp Program?
Camp in the US is an Exchange Program using cultural and education components to boost mutual understanding between US citizens and foreign Participants. Participants, foreign college and university students, interact with US citizens during the up to nine weeks of the work period, their travels, and everyday lives on the Camp Program.
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There are three most important aspects of the Camp Program:
Mutual, Cultural exchange
Work and gain experience
Travel and have fun!
Camp participation benefits
Personal growth
International work experience
International networking
Polishing language skills
Adventure of a lifetime!
Camp requirements
To participate in the Camp Program, you have to meet a few requirements:
Basic requirements
  • 18-28 years old
  • Strong English skills
  • Clean criminal background
  • Available before the 15th of June (latest) for at least nine (9) weeks
  • You DON`T HAVE TO be a student!
  • You have to fit in one of the categories: Student, teacher, bona fide youth worker, or individual with specialized skills
  • You enjoy working with children
Camp program details
If spending summer vacations at the summer camp, surrounded by American kids and colleagues from all over the World, sounds like a perfect plan, then the Camp Program is the ultimate match!
New York
San Francisco
Many more
Camp program options
Option One
Full Placed Program
  • Program Sponsor is responsible for work placement
  • You don’t have to worry for finding the place to work yourself
Option two
Self-Placed Program
  • You utilize your existing contacts to secure placement
  • Sponsor might not approve your work placement and/or an offer
Camp application procedure
Camp application procedure steps
top states 2019
Camp map
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