What is Internship Program?
INTERNSHIP in the US is an extended, structured, supervised, work-based Exchange Program that allows the mutual exchange of cultures and ideas between the Participant and US citizens. INTERNSHIP grants you to either develop your existing work skills or to utilize your higher education in action. All that to boost your career after you return home from the Program.
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There are three most important aspects of the Internship Program:
Mutual, Cultural exchange
Lay professional career fundament
Start your international network
Internship participation benefits
International work experience
International networking
Personal growth
Polishing language skills
Adventure of a lifetime!
Internship requirements
To participate in the Internship Program, you have to meet a few requirements:
Basic requirements
  • 18+ years old
  • English skills - enough to function in a English-speaking environment
  • enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the US OR
  • have graduated from a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. no more than 12 months before the program start date
Internship program details
The Internship Program creates a unique opportunity to start your professional career epically. Up to 12 months, an intensive, work-based program is the foundation of many great resumes. You can join the path that many young leaders took before you and benefit to the fullest from this trip.
New York
San Francisco
Many more
Internship program options
Option One
Full Placed Program
  • Program Sponsor is responsible for the placement at the Host Company
  • You don’t have to worry about finding the place to work yourself
  • Administration fee - 1600PLN
  • Program Fee (incl. insurance) - from $2710
  • SEVIS Fee - $220
  • Visa Interview Fee - $160
  • Ticket - on your own
Option two
Self-Placed Program
  • You are responsible for finding a suitable Host Company
  • The Sponsor has to vet and approve your Program Plan
  • Your Program Plan has to meet both DoS criteria as well as Sponsor’s criteria
  • The Sponsor might not approve your Host Company or Program Plan
Internship application procedure
Internship application procedure steps
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Internship map
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