Dec 2, 2021
Work and Travel in Reno or Atlantic City!
### Work and Travel in Reno or Atlantic City! Have you ever wanted to spend summer vacations in a vibrant, eclectic, international environment? If the answer is YES, try Reno, NV, and Atlantic City, NJ are great choices. Great choices for the Work and Travel Program. Usually recognized by the local casinos, these two cities have so much more to offer! ## What do Reno and Atlantic City have in common? There are quite a few things that Reno and Atlantic City have in common. These are also matters attracting students to the Work and Travel Program. :sparkles: Both vibrant, populated locations :four_leaf_clover: The economy relies on Casinos, Resorts, and entertainment :tada: Possibility of finding a second job for Work and Travel Participants! :wine_glass: Memorable nightlife :beers: Great food and craft beers :sunrise_over_mountains: Outdoor activities :round_pushpin: Excellent locations for the Work and Travel program ## Reno specific features Reno is the second-largest city in Nevada. Half the size of Las Vegas, located in the northern part of the state. The city's motto is The biggest little city in the World. Renos' super hot in the summer. Reno offers lots of different activities to be a part of, such as: :bike: Hiking and cycling :red_car: Hot august nights - :gem: Parties at the casinos :baseball: Minor league baseball games It is hard to talk about Reno, and not to mention South Lake Tahoe. A definite gem located just around 40 miles outside of Reno. South Lake Tahoe is a must-see if you are in the area! You can read about Tahoe on our [friends' website]( . Click for more info [here]( . ## Atlantic City specific features Did you know that former POTUS Donald Trump used to own a casino in Atlantic City? Find more fun facts when participating in the Work and Travel there. One of the best perks of AC is the location. You can go for day trips to so many East Coast locations that it’s even hard to name them all! NY, Philly, Washington D.C., as well as smaller, historical places. Secondly, AC is on the coast, so spending time after work at the beach is a total no-brainer. Sunbath, play sports, party and relax there! :sparkles: stunning nightlife :ocean: great beaches :pushpin: excellent location to explore the West Coast Click for more info [here]( . ## Are you still wondering which of these two is the best choice for your Work and Travel program? If you get thrills when thinking about parties, nightlife, and weekend travels, both locations are great picks for Work and Travel. Both cities deliver not only many work opportunities but also exciting free time. If you want to discuss which of these two locations will work better for you, don’t hesitate to [contact us!](
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