Oct 6, 2021
Work and Travel - Top sending countries
## Work and Travel Program – where do participants come from, and where do they work? Some numbers for you! Have you ever wondered how many fellow nationals are taking part in the program with you? And where the heck are all of them working? Let’s start from the beginning. **Number of participants in 2019 and 2018** In 2019 the total number of Work and Travel participants landed on 108,303 participants. Wow! It’s more than the population of Boulder, CO. Comparing to 2018 it was a growth of 3.63% from 104,512 students. Unfortunately, 2020 will be much lower than both 2018 and 2019. **Top receiving states ** Top three states hosting students on the Work and Travel program are: :statue_of_liberty: New York – 7,004 :gem: Massachusets – 6,985 :sunrise_over_mountains: Colorado – 6,855 **Top sending countries:** Every year the numbers tend to fluctuate. Some countries strengthen their position while others are decreasing the number of participants. Now, do you have a feeling which country sends the most students? Let’s check the top five: :round_pushpin: Turkey – 7,548 :round_pushpin: Jamaica – 7,349 :round_pushpin: Romania – 6,840 :round_pushpin: The Dominican Republic – 6,817 :round_pushpin: Peru – 6,613 You can check the full report [here.](https://j1visa.state.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Summer-Work-Travel-Flyer-2019.pdf)
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