4 paź 2021
Work and Travel in San Francisco

Work and Travel in San Francisco, one of the most iconic cities in the US, is a desired destination for participants.

The city is a mixture of cultures, vibe, and good fun. Every visit is one of a kind as you see places you know very well from the movies but a different perspective.

Fun facts to check during Work and Travel in San Francisco

:tada: Home of multiple movies – 48HRS., San Andreas, Bullit, Bond – A view to kill, The Rock and many, many others
:tada: There are more dogs in San Francisco than children
:tada: Denim pants/jeans were invented in the Fog City by Levi Strauss
:tada: Over three hundred coffee shops are in the city boundaries
:tada: SFs’ Chinatown is home to 100K people and is the second-largest Chinatown in the US
:tada: The craft beer revolution started in 1896 in San Francisco

Stuff to see

There are tones of places to visit in San Francisco:

:mag_right: Golden Gate Bridge – probably, the most famous bridge worldwide
:mag_right: Japanese Tea Garden – chill out and relax from the city noises
:mag_right: Alcatraz and Treasure Island – featured in many movies and with its legend
:mag_right: Cable Cars – another icon of the city – take a ride and some pictures as well
:mag_right: Wharf – great food and unrepeated skateboard spots
:mag_right: Giants Stadium / Baseball game – eight times World Series winners!

Must have food and beverage

:boom: Mission Burrito in Mission District
:coffee: Irish Coffee in Buena Vista Caffee
:fried_shrimp: Seafood in the Fisherman’s Wharf
:ramen: Dim Sum in Chinatown
:beers: Craft Beer – for those over 21 😉
:bread: Sourdough bread at the Boudin Sourdough

What to avoid

In San Fran, it is best to keep alert in a couple of districts such as the Tenderloin, the Mission, and sometimes Union Square. The crime rate is similar to other big cities.

Wheater you are spending your program in The Fog City or planning your travel part of the Work and Travel program, it is a definite must-see! Iconic views, iconic places, tones of hidden gems, great food and drinks make this city a true wonder of the West Coast.