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Twoje ulubione miejsce z ofertami programów J-1 do USA.
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2.12.2021, 19:43
Have you ever wanted to spend summer vacations in a vibrant, eclectic, international environment? If the answer is YES, try Reno, NV, and Atlantic City, NJ are great choices. Great choices for the Work and Travel Program.
6.10.2021, 16:30
Have you ever wondered how many fellow nationals are taking part in the program with you? And where the heck are all of them working? Check the numbers!
6.10.2021, 16:01
Located in Central California, part of western Sierra Nevada takes you for the hike with some of the most incredible views that the US has to offer.
4.10.2021, 15:07
Lake Tahoe is a fun and energetic place where outdoor fun is mixed with parties. Every season hundreds of Work and Travel participants are visiting the area or work there for the season.
4.10.2021, 14:14
Work and Travel in San Francisco, one of the most iconic cities in the US, is a desired destination for participants. The city is a mixture of cultures, vibe, and good fun. Every visit is one of a kind as you see places you know very well from the movies but a different perspective.
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