Oct 4, 2021
Work and Travel in San Francisco
## Work and Travel in San Francisco, one of the most iconic cities in the US, is a desired destination for participants. The city is a mixture of cultures, vibe, and good fun. Every visit is one of a kind as you see places you know very well from the movies but a different perspective. ## Fun facts to check during Work and Travel in San Francisco :tada: Home of multiple movies – 48HRS., San Andreas, Bullit, Bond – A view to kill, The Rock and many, many others :tada: There are more dogs in San Francisco than children :tada: Denim pants/jeans were invented in the Fog City by Levi Strauss :tada: Over three hundred coffee shops are in the city boundaries :tada: SFs’ Chinatown is home to 100K people and is the second-largest Chinatown in the US :tada: The craft beer revolution started in 1896 in San Francisco ## Stuff to see There are tones of places to visit in San Francisco: :mag_right: Golden Gate Bridge – probably, the most famous bridge worldwide :mag_right: Japanese Tea Garden – chill out and relax from the city noises :mag_right: [Alcatraz](https://www.alcatrazislandtickets.com/) and Treasure Island – featured in many movies and with its legend :mag_right: Cable Cars – another icon of the city – take a ride and some pictures as well :mag_right: [Wharf](https://www.fishermanswharf.org/) – great food and unrepeated skateboard spots :mag_right: [Giants](https://www.mlb.com/giants) Stadium / Baseball game – eight times World Series winners! ## Must have food and beverage :boom: Mission Burrito in Mission District :coffee: Irish Coffee in Buena Vista Caffee :fried_shrimp: Seafood in the Fisherman’s Wharf :ramen: Dim Sum in Chinatown :beers: Craft Beer – for those over 21 😉 :bread: Sourdough bread at the [Boudin Sourdough](https://boudinbakery.com/) ## What to avoid In San Fran, it is best to keep alert in a couple of districts such as the Tenderloin, the Mission, and sometimes Union Square. The crime rate is similar to other big cities. ## Wheater you are spending your program in The Fog City or planning your travel part of the Work and Travel program, it is a definite must-see! Iconic views, iconic places, tones of hidden gems, great food and drinks make this city a true wonder of the West Coast.
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