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Work and Travel
$16 - $16 per hour · 32h weekly
Cape May, New Jersey , USA
From : no later than Jun 30, 2023
To : Sep 15, 2023
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As the newest Boutique B&B in Cape May, Casablanca, is unlike anything ever seen, let alone experienced in all of Cape May. Casablanca joins The Harrison & Pharos at the Harrison, in what can only be described as Cape May’s most exceptional Inns & B&Bs. Casablanca is just 2 blocks from the beach and a short stroll to Washington Square Mall. The service is incredible, and we hope that you'll join our wonderful team to deliver a guest experience that is second to none. Cape May is a great place to spend your Summer Work Travel Program, with its pristine beaches, promenade, and all the amenities that make any seashore town worth visiting. This historic Victorian seaside gem is the oldest resort and one of the most beautiful spots in the country. **Housing:** $125/week **Website:** [](
Breakfast Server/Cleaner
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